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As promised, here is the standard ending sequence you get by beating Capcom vs. SNK: Pro! Final boss: Geese Howard!

Obviously this ending is a direct reference to the first Fatal Fury game, but it has more resemblance with the Real Bout conclusion!

Geese Howard - Real Bout Fatal Fury


The King of Fighters 2001
Publisher: Brezzasoft
Developer: Eolith, SNK
Platform: Arcade, Neo Geo, Dreamcast, PlayStation 2 
Year: 2001 (Arcade), 2002 (Neo Geo, DC), 2003 (PS2)


The King of Fighters XIII: Kim team


The King of Fighters XIII: Psycho Soldier team


Billy Kane, The King of Fighters 2003

Arcade - 2003 - SNK


Stages, Real Bout Fatal Fury 2: The Newcomers (Neo-Geo/Arcade, SNK, 1998)


Art of Fighting series. Originally in the arcades, the first entry appears on the Genesis, SNES, and TurboGrafx-CD, the second was ported to the SNES for Japan only. And, of course, all three appeared on the Neo Geo home console, being that they were on the Neo Geo arcade hardware.


Art of Fighting 2, Robert Garcia ending

Arcade - 1994 - SNK